Dean Rottinghaus

President and Co-Founder of ROI Logistics Inc.

Dean is an experienced C-Level Business Development Executive with 24 years of successful healthcare industry consultation. His experience includes assisting organizations in defining product and project requirements and re-engineering processes and defining comprehensive implementation plans that enable organizations to meet their objectives. Dean has significant experience in navigating the healthcare industry from both a provider standpoint and from the software development and sales side, including government regulations in all areas. He has executive experience consulting in multiple healthcare vertical markets, including primary care, orthopedics, chiropractic and other medical specialties. This diverse background in enterprise electronic health record software, revenue cycle management processes and software development enhances the client experience and adds value to every aspect of the development, sales and on boarding process.

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Notable skills and experiences include:

  • Business Development: Relationship Development-Electronic Medical Records (EMR)-Software
  • Implementation: Health Information Exchange and Management-Strategic Planning-Team
  • Building: Project Management, Supply Chain Management

Contact info:

Dean Rottinghaus
ROI Logistics Inc.
Supply Chain Consultant
Office: (855) 587-3272
Fax: (855) 587-3272
Mobile: (513) 257-6499