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Supply Chain Consultant of ROI Logistics Inc.

Michael McAvoy is a professional problem solver with over 25 years of experience in Information Technology. His specialized background in risk management and compliance gives him a distinct advantage to craft best in class solutions that result in cheering and high fives among C-Level execs. Michael’s understanding of the relationship between financial reality, compliance and operational efficiency emboldens successful solutions and provides value to all stakeholders.

He is extremely excited about his new role at ROI Logistics where he will concentrate on improving process management in state and local government. The whole ROI Logistics team will join him in helping implement high-impact cost-effective solutions.

He would be amiss if he did not give due credit to his amazing wife and 3 daughters. As you might imagine, opportunities to solve complex problems abound with four women and 22 animals on a small ranch. Luckily, golf and CrossFit provide an opportunity to contemplate solutions – off-site!


-Information Technology

Application and System Development

-Database Administration

-RFP Development and Vendor Selection

Information Security Management

-Security Management Practices

-Access Control

-Network Security

-Security Architecture

-Operations Security

-Cyber Crime Investigations

-Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

Audit and Control

-Information System Auditing

-Business Process Evaluation and Risk Management

-Protection of Information Assets

-Technical Infrastructure and Operational Practices

-PeopleSoft ERP Security


-Excellent Communications Skills

-Issue Resolution Team Facilitation

-Leadership and Team Building

-Strategic Planning

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Contact info:

Michael McAvoy

ROI Logistics Inc.

Supply Chain Consultant

Office: (855) 587-3272

Fax: (855) 587-3272

Email: michael@roilogistics.com