About ROI

Florida’s Premiere Logistics Solutions

Who we Are

ROI Logistics LLC (ROI) is an independent, veteran owned corporation, founded in 2007. ROI offers full-scale Information and Logistics technology services, authorized distributor and integrator for a variety of best in class software and hardware manufacturers. The team at ROI have 50+ years of combined experience in Supply Chain Efficiency and Logistics Management, B2B IntegrationTechnology and Real Estate Expertise. ROI has grown from providing a single product into a visionary company that offers extensive best in class solutions to the many facets of supply chain that further maximize the value proposition.

What we Offer 

We strive to be a single portal that provides clients with a broad array of opportunities that positively impact the bottom line, create efficiencies, standardize operations, increase productivity and identify partners who add value. Furthermore, we go the extra mile to support our solutions by working closely with clients and applicable partners who add value.

Our product lines and services encompass a variety of solutions that positively impact the bottom line and include:
-Web-Based Barcode and RFID Tracking Software and Hardware
-Enterprise Content Management Applications
-Obsolete Electronic Equipment Recovery/Disposal Services
-Freight Optimization Technology
-Freight Management Solutions
-Hardware for Barcode Scanning, Mobile Computers, Printing and More
-Warehouse Management Systems (Including warehouse control hardware, materials handling equipment and infrastructure solutions.)
-Third-Party Logistics and Consulting Services for Supply Chain Management Processes

Our Engagement Strategy

Customer Service is our main focus! To best serve our clients and provide the most value, we employ a consistent model of engagement strategy which consists of:
-Gaining a Thorough Understanding of Your Current Situation and Needs as well as Future Requirements
-Develop Best in Class Solutions Tailored to Meet/Exceed Your Needs
-Provide World Class Support that is Readily Accessible
-Be a Central Portal to Industry Experts Across Supply Chain Segments
-Continuously Improve Return on Investment (ROI) by Developing Relationships with Our Clients