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Property Theater

Property Theater leverages GIS technologies to provide life-time value its customers.  Property Theater derives its name from the work-flow implemented to deliver results.  If visiting the corporate office, you enter the Property Theater room where we drive you through the market on the big screen from the comfort of your seat.  You ‘virtually’ visit the locations as we traverse aerials, streets, and relevant data to assist making critical decisions faster about your real estate interests, all from the comfort of your seat.  If unable to attend at our office, we log you into a WebEx meeting so that we can drive the market from wherever in the world you are located.  


Whether developing a project from the ground up, brokering a sale or lease, providing location analytics, this specialized group gets it done at the right place, price and time.  

  • Brokerage
  • Lease vs. Buy analysis
  • Location Analytics (drive-time, customer/competitor mapping, demand studies, suitability studies, proximity/routing analysis)
  • Development Services (build-to-suit, fee-development, permitting through entitlement process)
  • Investment Sales
  • Real Estate Financial Consulting”