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Logistics Consultant for ROI Logistics Inc.

Kelvin launched Taylored Analytics in 2007. In that role and previous roles, Kelvin has brought his extensive marketing experience and industry knowledge to Fortune 500 clients in the retail, restaurant, financial services, utility, and telecommunications industries. He has been a frequently requested speaker and participant in marketing and trade conferences sponsored by The Direct Marketing Association, the National Center for Database Marketing, and the Institute for International Research among many others.

Kelvin has built & led business intelligence teams specializing in the systematic process of increasing customer lifetime value through database design, lifestyle/behavioral segmentation, and statistical modeling.

Kelvin’s specific area of expertise centers on the application of statistical analysis to continually improve the quality and effectiveness of business-related decisions. Kelvin has equal interests in the management and creation of analytics as well as in the management and creation of the business and organizational processes required to make analytic insights a continual and disciplined part of the decision making process. Ensuring that companies effectively translate their financial goals into well-informed business strategies and tactics is what he is most passionate about.

Kelvin earned a B.S. in Mathematics & Economics from Morehouse College with an additional three years of Economics studies at University of Maryland College Park specializing in Econometrics and Game Theory. After graduate school, Kelvin worked as an Actuary for various consulting companies as well as the Department of Labor in Washington D.C.

Previously, Kelvin has held general management positions in the customer loyalty space serving as CEO & President of Maritz Loyalty Marketing and as President of Frequency Marketing, Inc.

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Kelvin Taylor

Taylored Analytics

Analytics Consultant

Mobile: (314) 324-0695

Email: kelvin@tayloredanalytics.com